Camilla Arvella

lmao like 5 people just messaged me at the same time asking about aaron paul and his wife and why they creep me out and tbh it’s an entirely subjective opinion of mine based on how often he seems to infantilize her(shoddy examples that i can quickly and easily provide are here and here and he’s made all sorts of comments about her in interviews that support this). like, he claims he asked her dad for permission to marry her after some crazy short period of dating(like two weeks or something like that) and idk… he just comes off as clingy and possessive to me. he definitely seems like a nice guy and i’m sure he is sincerely in love with her, but i’ve known guys like this and that adoration they have for a girl can pretty easily turn ugly after awhile. 

but maybe i’m just bitter and am just projecting though, oops.

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    Omg his captions on her pix have always been questionable as fuck to me, too.
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    what the fuck… that second link… congratulations, she can feed herself? what the fuck…
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    This is revolutionary. I must do further investigation
  5. joolsandnigel said: YES KATELIN YES. TO ALL OF THIS INCLUDING YOUR TAGS. Thank you for vocalizing what Tumblr refuses to. I had to stop following him on Instagram because it was Bumming Me Out.
  6. thehazyrealmmotel said: "but that’s none of my business" - me at aaron paul’s hairline tbh
  7. britdaycake said: Omg you’re so right though! Haha
  8. jimmypage said: you said it the best on twitter once - aaron is probs blown away every day that he finally landed the ultimate, popular, gorgeous ~california girl~ with archetypical girl next door qualities acceptable enough for his soft midwest ass (still love him)
  9. citrusbergamia said: LMAO OMFG i just read abt her charity and it was just like a whole bunch of nonsense words
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